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                                                           950 (E) Interface


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The display has 4 red digits, and a ROT bar graph. The buttons are used to align heading. Features include the automatic wide range of inputs plus a selection of options.

The repeater is built in an industry standard DIN housing 144 x 72 mm. It has a trunnion mount and a front panel lip for flush mounting.

Applications include display of heading or for use as a gyro signal to NMEA converter for satellite television, radar, ECDIS and other electronic instrumentation.

This E-type 950 includes the interfacing of log, GPS and echo sounder, with a “pass-through” function. The option tables show the current capabilities.


INPUT 1:                Stepper 6 steps per degree, including raw rectified stepper, 20 to 70v.

Synchro 1 rev per degree. 50 to 115 v. ref. 20 to 90 v. signals.

400 Hz “contactless transmitter.”  M-Type stepper.

OR NMEA 0183 heading, $HEHDT

OR 200 or 400 pulses per mile.

Echo sounder transmit and receive pulse.

INPUT 2:                NMEA 0183 heading sentences.  Gyro has priority.

Cetrek, Yokogawa, Robertson, SG Brown proprietary data,

Anschutz Coursebus. Or in pass-through mode, GPS data.

OUTPUT:               NMEA 0183 default $HEHDT,x.x,T  and $HEROT

One per second and whenever heading changes.

Or Robertson, Yokogawa, SGB data, Anschutz Coursebus.

“Pass-through” mode. Heading and GPS data.

Speed or depth NMEA 0183.

BAUD RATES:       Variable 2400, 4800 (default) 9600, 38400

The data inputs can not handle 38400 baud as standard.

DISPLAY:              4 digit red LED 0.6 inch, 15mm high for heading. Adjustable illumination using buttons.

CONTROL:            3 push button switches for align, increase and decrease.

OUTPUT:               Two 5v CMOS drivers for Furuno data and clock or Yokogawa 2400 baud data.

POWER:                10 to 32 volts DC at 5 watts.

CONNECTIONS:     Via cable glands to lift-off terminal blocks.

HOUSING:              DIN case 144 wide, 72 high, 142 mm deep. Flame retardant to DIN 43700.

Supplied with screw clamps for panel mounting and a trunnion.




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