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Points North Ltd,  
Rosyth Europarc, Rosyth, 
Fife, Scotland, KY11 2YB
Tel  +44(0)1383 417084
Fax +44(0)1383 414677 
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IRIDIUM, POLESTAR Equipment t available on request.... Contact us at Points North Ltd for more information


 Capsat® Fleet77

®Capsat Fleet77 is the next generation of maritime satellite communication terminals and will give you 24x7 online access to any vessel anywhere in the world. ®The Capsat Fleet77 transceiver provides a constant two-way link to Inmarsat satellites offering Inmarsat Fleet MPDS communication.        

The basic ®Capsat Fleet77 package consists of a transceiver and an antenna together with a handset and cradle. The terminal is an integrated communication center providing links to phones, fax machines, and even ship-board computer networks.



Capsat®-C enables users to send and receive all kinds of written messages, including SafetyNET and FleetNet. The ®TT-3020C Inmarsat-C/GPS Maritime GMDSS Capsat product is a vital part of our Inmarsat-C product program. This system includes distress functions, which automatically will transmit a position report along with an SOS call, thus ensuring that a rescue mission can be initiated in a fast and secure way.

easyMail is a Windows based Capsat® Software Program. It operates more or less like Microsoft Outlook® and is very easy to install. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) lets easyMail become the perfect software for easy satellite communication.
easyMail works with Thrane & Thrane's existing TT-3022C Land Mobile Tranceivers, TT-3022D Fishery Transceivers as well Thrane & Thrane's Non-Solas Inmarsat-C Capsat® products of the future.


Inmarsat Mini-M

®TT-3064A Capsat Maritime Telephone has proved its importance and worth as a maritime communication tool. Today, the maritime telephone is used extensively both as a maritime industry communication tool and in the leisure market.

As a 3-in-1 unit, it enables telephony, telefax transmissions, and e-mail/Internet messages. The maritime telephone provides a cost-effective option to improve efficiency and maximize earnings in maritime business activities.



The TT-3026LM Mini-C is the world’s first Inmarsat mini-C system, comprising transceiver, antenna, and 12-channel GPS receiver in one single unit.

The extremely compact, power conserving and easy installed mobile unit ensures fast and reliable communication from mobile to land, from land to mobile, as well as between mobiles.


Inmarsat-C & Mini-M Combination Product

The Global Marine Executive Office is the latest maritime product from Thrane & Thrane. It is the first Inmarsat combination product in the world to deliver all the benefits from the two systems in one package. Global Marine Executive Office includes GMDSS functions as well as voice, fax, and data communication via either Capsat®-C or Capsat® Mini-M.




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