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UNIT 941


The 941 interface converts serial heading data into traditional step transmission.

The 941 allows a new heading sensor such as a gyro, magnetic compass or satellite device to connect to existing bridge repeaters or existing radars and navigational aids. The 941 is useful in both retrofit and new installations, and ideal for use with the 940 pick off coil system, making a transmitting magnetic compass


INPUT:            NMEA 0183. $HEHDT and all valid heading sentences.

Or Furuno AD10 format serial data and clock

Input is DIP switch selectable.

OUTPUT:       Stepper, 6 steps per degree Nominal 24, 35, 50 and 70 volts DC 4A per line.

Transformer is fitted to suit the required output.

Output Voltage varies with the load.

Rotation or follow up rate 24 degrees per second (requires EPROM change).

6 Stepper outputs, each on a single 5 way connector for distribution to a repeater.

OUTPUT:       NMEA 0183. RS232 and RS422 compatible. $HEHDT output when heading changes and once per second.

ALARM:          Alarm relay. Contact held open when OK

                        1 Amp DIL relay.

POWER:         115/230 volts 50/60 Hz. Double fused, switched and filtered.

HOUSING:     Duck Egg Green enclosure with door 350 x 250 x 150mm.

FEATURES:   LEDs on data in and out and bicolour status led.

Power fail and program run watchdog circuit.

All connections removable terminal blocks.




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